Long, Pretty Lashes in Three Steps

Beauty trends come and go, but long, pretty lashes are pretty much always in. Here are my three best tips for making the most of your lashes:

1. Take your vitamins. I’ve been taking hair, skin and nail supplements for ages to help strengthen my nails and keep my hair looking healthy. A couple of months ago I switched to Nature Made Hair Skin Nails Adult Gummies (I can’t resist a BOGO sale) and didn’t think much about it until, a few weeks later, I noticed that my eyelashes looked significantly longer. Soon after that my sister asked me why my lashes were so long. Naturally, these fruity little vitamins are now officially on my must-have list.

2. Curl with a classic. You may not be comfortable with eyelash curlers – a good friend has confessed that she’s terrified of sneezing mid-curl and tearing all her lashes out – but you’d be surprised at how much of a difference a good curler makes. And by “a good curler,” I mean the curler: the iconic Shu Uemera Eyelash Curler. It is hands down the best one on the market. It gives lashes a gentle curve (not a harsh crimp) that will last all day, making your lashes appear longer and your eyes brighter. You’ve got to love a gadget that can make you look polished and well rested in under a minute.

3. Join the mile high club. No, not that mile high club. I’m talking about Wander Beauty Mile High Club Volume and Length Mascara, AKA the best new mascara I’ve tried in years. I love its sleek gold packaging, but that’s nothing compared to how much I adore the formula – a lengthening, lash-lifting black mascara that isn’t clumpy, even if you apply several coats. It stays put throughout the day without flaking or smearing and really does give lashes a noticeable lift. The best part? After months of daily use, this mascara hasn’t bothered my extra sensitive eyeballs, not even when I’ve forgotten to wash it off before bed. It’s the lash-lengthening mascara of my dreams!

Eye Do: NYX Cosmetics Ipsy Eye Shadow Trio

NYX Cosmetics Ipsy Eye Shadow TrioIt’s no secret that I love NYX Cosmetics. So when I discovered that my September Ipsy bag contained a trio of NYX eye shadows created exclusively for Ipsy subscribers, I was psyched. Not surprisingly, NYX delivered a trio of high-quality shadows that are easy to apply, long lasting and versatile – the three shades can be worn together or separately.

The set contains a light beige shadow, a rich medium brown, and a deep black that makes a great liner. The first two shades have the slightest bit of shimmer. I really like the beige, but I cannot get enough of the brown; it’s just right to make my blue eyes pop and I find myself reaching for it each and every day.

This month I also received a Crown Brush AC012 Shadow/Crease Duet brush from Ipsy, and I have to say I’m really impressed. I usually prefer a sponge tip applicator for eyeshadow application, but this brush is firm enough to pick up the right amount of powder while still being soft enough to glide smoothly over the lid. Both of these Ipsy picks have definitely made it into the daily rotation!