Glosses and Balms

I consider a glossy,  well-moisturized lip an essential part of any look and a part of my daily beauty routine. On this page I will write about the lip balms and glosses I love. Feel free to do the same.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm: A favorite among beauty professionals and eco-conscious beauties everywhere, Burt’s Bees makes a full line of beauty products, and this is the company’s standout star. You can buy it in a tube or a tin, and the beeswax based lip balm is ultra-moisturizing and features a pleasant, soothing tingle. I apply it before bed every night and fresh out of the shower every day. I’ve been doing so for over a decade, and have not had chapped lips since.

Lancome Juicy Tubes: A slightly sticky but fantastically glossy gloss, Lancome Juicy Tubes come in a variety of cheerful shades that have staying power. My personal favorite? Rose Fishnets, a shimmery brownish pink that comes in a fishnet-patterened tube.

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss: Another sticky gloss, Beauty Rush Lip Gloss should probably be avoided if you’re in any sort of windy environment that might plaster your hair to your mouth. Other than that, these glosses are ultra shiny, come in tons of incredibly flattering colors, and taste faintly sweet. I pick up a new one almost every time I go to Victoria’s Secret. I have colors ranging from clear to sparkly red, but the one I use most often is a shimmering sheer nude called Slice of Heaven.

Philosophy Lip Shine: This is one of the smoothest, sweetest glosses I’ve ever used. I’m addicted to the Red Velvet Cake version, which smells delicious and turns my mouth the most natural sheer red.

Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Couleur Extreme Shine Lip Gloss: I think the name pretty much says it all. This minty gloss comes in several color-drenched shades that have serious staying power and will make your mouth glisten. I love #4, a hot pink that really just makes my lips look pretty.

CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint: This is a nice shiny gloss that turns my mouth a pleasant pink, tastes great and freshens the breath. You’ll want to keep one tube in your purse and another in your car.

Too Faced Mirror Mirror Gloss: This syrupy gloss is long-lasting and shines like glass. I like to wear it to work because it doesn’t require tons of touch-ups throughout the day. My favorite shades are Envy Me and Don’t Hate Me.

Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15: These light, smooth glosses glide on and stay on. They have a nice light texture and give lips a healthy and natural looking shine.

Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips: This thick gloss plumps lips and is super long-lasting. The texture is very thick, but it smells great and looks amazing. You might not want to kiss anyone with this gloss on, but they will sure as heck wanna kiss you.

Maybelline Baby Lips: This smooth, faintly fruity smelling lip balm claims to make your pout look younger with regular use. I love when a product’s claims turn out to be true, don’t you? Whenever I use this balm for a couple of days in a row, I notice a definite reduction in fine lines and an increase in plumpness – not bad for a drugstore lip balm. I’m addicted to Pink Punch, a bright girly pink.

Dior Lip Glow: If I were forced to choose only one lip product to use for the rest of my life (oh, the horror!), this would be my pick. This pricey balm comes in the chicest baby pink and silver packaging, glides on so smoothly, and instantly makes my lips feel soft, supple and sexy. The best part? The balm automatically reacts to your body chemistry to create a personalized shade of pink for each wearer. It’s so flattering, and it feels fantastic. Totally worth the splurge!

Jouer Lip Enhancer: Jouer is one of my favorite beauty brands, and this ultra-smooth lip treatment is one of their best products. It comes in tinted and untinted formulas. The tinted Lip Enhancers come in gorgeous, flattering colors that glide on and are by far the most kissable glosses I own. Try Bellini, a sexy peachy pink. The untinted version gives lips a soft, healthy shine. Both versions plump the lips slightly, and are not sticky at all.

Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint: Don’t let the crayon-looking tube fool you – there’s nothing waxy about these super moisturizing wonders! Perfect for days when you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing lots of makeup but you want a polished lip, these lip tints give great, long-lasting color while plumping and softening your lips. I love Peaceful, an insanely flattering peach shade that my sister wore on her wedding day. Obviously, a flawless choice!

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment: It took me a while to discover these superb little lip balms, but I am so happy that I finally did! So smooth, lightly citrus-scented and incredibly moisturizing, this balm is a staple in my makeup arsenal and it should be in yours, too. I have it in the original untinted version and the rose tinted version. Both are lovely. Tip: the untinted version is incredibly man-friendly – nothing sticky, goopy, or lipsticky about it!


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