Something for Everyone

I know, I know, it’s been weeks since I posted last, and many of you are probably jonesing for your weekly dose of gloss. Have no fear, my lovelies! I have been working on a major upgrade to the blog, which will be launched in the new year. In the mean time, I thought I’d help you finish off your holiday shopping with some gift ideas for everyone on your list.

For your best friend: I love a good holiday gift set, and this year my favorite is the Philosophy Peppermint Bark gift set. It comes in a cute candy cane striped tin, and contains a mint-chocolate bubble bath/body wash, as well as a matching sheer red lip gloss that I LOVE. You might want to get one for yourself as well – I did.

For your brother/boyfriend/husband/dad: There are many more man-friendly products and gifts on the market these days than you might think. Brands like Nivea, Axe, and Old Spice all make gift sets. I particularly like Old Spice, which comes in a variety of new scents that are amazing. Check out the Matterhorn and Denali scents; my boyfriend and I both agree that these smell the best.

For your mom/sister/grandma: Why not give the gift of lovely hands this year? A gift certificate for a manicure is always appreciated, but if you want to give a gift that’s a bit more hands-on (pun intended), there are several great hand products to choose from. Tweezerman makes mini nail-files that come in a matchbox and couldn’t be cuter. Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat is my absolute favorite when it comes to day-to-day nail maintenance – it is a clear gel that strengthens nails and leaves them with a healthy, sheer pink shine. And a nice hand cream rounds out any at-home manicure kit. I like Aveeno Active Naturals Intense Relief Hand Cream, and the full line of Arnica hand creams (available at

Stocking Stuffers: If you’re like me, you love walking down the sample-size aisle of any drugstore. Mini bottles of shampoo, shaving cream, and body lotion are not only adorable and affordable, but they make great testers and stocking stuffers. If you want to snazz up your stockings this year, you can also check out the beauty minis section at You can find anything from itty bitty perfumes and moisturizers to travel-sized mascaras and lip balms.

Merry Christmas, and happy shopping to all!

Love at First Smell

When my boyfriend and I first started dating, he mentioned to me that he had recently watched a program that claimed that a huge piece of the attraction puzzle is based on the way a person smells. Apparently, the scent of a potential mate plays a large part in determining whether or not you’ll be – and remain – interested.

At the time, I remember thinking how true that statement was. I mean, every time I leaned in for a hug my heart raced. To me, he smelled like a clean, manly version of heaven. He didn’t shower himself with cologne, and he’s not one to bathe in aftershave, but he just plain smelled good.

Ah, love at first smell.

While some girls certainly fall for pricey colognes or drugstore body sprays (the cloud of Axe that lingers whenever my brother gets ready for a date leads me to believe that this is an effective mating call), I prefer the fresh clean smell of a man. Well, my man. But guys have some subtler tricks up their sleeves when it comes to smelling amazing. Case in point: Dial For Men Blue Grit.

Yep, I’m swooning over Dial soap. This simple, inexpensive soap has gritty bits in it that promise to get skin good and clean. It’s really a pretty average bar soap – it get’s the job done (that is, cleansing the skin) without any extra bells and whistles. But it’s not it’s cleaning power that gets me all hot and bothered. It’s the smell.

My boyfriend and I both agree that Dial For Men Blue Grit smells awesome. It doesn’t have that chemical cologne scent that many men’s products share, and it definitely isn’t an overpowering aroma, but the way his skin smells after he gets out of the shower is wonderful. Clean, manly, and irresistible.

When I asked him to rate the soap, he said he’d give it 3 out of 5 stars for overall feel and 5 out of 5 for scent. So ladies, if you like your man to smell like, well, a man, get him a bar of Blue Grit.

And fellas, I guarantee, if you smell like this soap, you’ve got the scent part of attraction in the bag.