Oh, Baby!

Sorry my posts have been fewer and farther between lately, life has been a little crazy and my mind has been, as it sometimes is, on other things. But I thought I’d write a short little post on some of my secret favorite beauty buys: baby products.

Yes, I’m that girl who often chooses the baby powder scented deodorant. But there are a couple of baby-specific products that you might want to steal out of the nearest diaper bag.

My first choice is baby oil. It’s an excellent skin softener. Pour some into a bath, or slather it on your body afterwards for, well, baby smooth skin. Also, if you are showing off your legs and want to make them look absolutely smokin’ hot, massage some baby oil on them before you go out. They’ll be silky soft and have an amazing sheen that looks gorgeous. You can ante up for the pricey leg shines out there, or swipe on some baby oil. The choice should be obvious.

My second baby pick is baby wipes. They are an absolute summer must have. Want to freshen up on a hot summer day but don’t have time for a shower? A few quick swipes with a baby wipe and you’ll feel fresh and clean.

Baby Face

Having decided to take a few days off from my “real” job, I’ve spent the last day or two experimenting with different products and giving myself some much-needed R & R. As part of this I paid special attention to my face yesterday, and I wanted to share with you the combination of products that made my skin smooth as a baby’s… face?

I decided it was time for a face mask. My skin was becoming rather lacklustre, blotchy, and I noticed a few blackheads hiding by my nose and chin. Naturally, Queen Helene would be my mask of choice. But I decided to start off with a facial scrub, something I don’t normally do because my skin can be quite sensitive.

“Don’t be a baby,” I told my skin as I slathered on a dollop of Clinique 7-Day Scrub Cream. It has tiny exfoliators in it that scrub the face but not in a painful way. I let it sit for a minute, massaged my skin a little more, and then rinsed it off with warm water and a washcloth. I immediately followed up with Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.

Once dry, I again rinsed my face with warm water and a washcloth, and ended with a generous layer of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.

About 10 minutes after completing this process I became aware of how great my skin felt. It felt very moisturized, but not greasy, and when I touched my cheek it was softer than I could ever remember it being. I got up and ran to the mirror, and my skin was positively glowing. Glowing not with the fire of rosacea, but with the dew of health.


Another product I’ve been testing recently is Dior Hydra-Protect Eye Cream, which has an SPF of 20. I’ve decided recently that it’s time for me to find a good eye cream. (This decision may or may not have anything to do with the fact that last week a coworker told me that I had huge bags under my eyes – after a full 8-hour night of sleep.) So far, I have yet to see any markable difference in the appearance of my eye area, but I can say that it feels amazing when I put it on. Kind of like an instant hug for my eye area. I plan to continue using the cream; I’ll keep you posted on those huge bags.