Product Review: Clinique Even Better

A couple months back, in the midst of a massive brand crush on Clinique, I ordered a jar of the brand’s Even Better moisturizer, said to improve skin tone. And although I still love my Clinique lip glosses and mascara, I am left a little disappointed by the new cream.

It’s not that it’s a poor moisturizer; in fact, it’s a nice lightweight cream that goes on smoothly and doesn’t leave the face greasy. It has a sunscreeny smell that is a little weird but not altogether unpleasant. The problem is that it didn’t deliver on the promise to make my skin “even better.”

I didn’t notice any decrease in the length of time it takes for a blemish to fade on my face, and I haven’t noticed the increased brightness that I was so hoping this moisturizer would deliver. As a plain old moisturizer this one delivers, but as one that claims to noticeably improve the appearance of your skin, I just don’t believe it’s worth the money.