Purple Gaze

Lately it seems that everywhere I turn, I see some hot new eye trend that involves neon orange liner or hot pink mascara. I recently asked readers what they thought about the colorful mascara trend, and while almost no one was interested in hopping on the hot pink bandwagon, nearly 60% said they had or would try a blue or purple. I decided it was time to put down the black mascara and give something more colorful a try.

Dior recently came out with its new “It-Lash” line of colorful mascaras, said to lengthen and add volume with a dose of long-lasting color. Since I’ve long been a fan of purple eyeliner, I decided I’d give the “It-Purple” shade a shot.

Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara in It-Purple

Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara in It-Purple

My thoughts? The mascara itself is fabulous. It truly does add lots of length and some volume, and it doesn’t flake or smudge all day. After two weeks of daily wear I haven’t experienced the slightest bit of eye irritation or sensitivity. Despite the fact that it looks intensely purple on the wand, it didn’t make my lashes look all that different. Only on the very tips of my lashes, and only in certain lighting, did I notice a (very pretty) flash of color. I only swipe on a coat or two in the morning, so this could be why it looked so subtle on me, but even when I tried layering it on for more impact, I found that my lashes got clumpy before they really turned purple. Personally, I think this is fantastic; It-Lash is an excellent mascara and it’s a fun way to add the smallest hint of color to my daily look without going over-the-top. However, if you’re looking for something truly wild and bright, this probably isn’t the mascara you’re looking for.
Cailyn Line Fix Gel Eyeliner in Purple

Cailyn Line Fix Gel Eyeliner in Purple

If, like me, you like to keep it on the subtle side but still want to punch it up a bit, I recommend pairing your purple mascara with my new favorite liner: Cailyn Line Fix Gel Eyeliner in Purple. This deep raisin colored liner glides on smoothly and will not budge until you remove it. It’s unique packaging includes a handy little brush in the handle, which I love. And worn along the upper lash line as an extra shot of purple, it really makes my eyes pop.

What’s your favorite colorful eye trend?

Glow With Me

It’s rare to try a beauty product and instantly recognize it as the best. But that is precisely what happened last week when I opened an order from Sephora. Wanting to take advantage of the recent VIB sale, I decided to try a couple of items that have been on my wish list. Among them – Dior Addict Lip Glow.

I’ve long been a fan of the Dior Addict fragrance, a warm, sexy scent that takes a decent amount of swagger to wear. I find a spritz of the stuff puts an instant wiggle in my stride. The Lip Glow, I hoped, would have a similar effect.  

Dior Addict Lip Glow is a somewhat pricey lip balm that goes on clear and then reacts with your personal chemistry to create a lip color that is unique to each wearer. Intrigued by this feature, I swiped on the clear light pink stick and waited.

Within seconds, my lips had transformed to a natural-looking dark pink. They felt incredibly smooth and moisturized. Not only that, the balm seemed to make my lips look plump and gorgeous. I honestly don’t think my mouth has ever looked better.

It’s a long-lasting lip moisturizer and color enhancer, and gives a natural-but-still-glamorous look. Plus, it looks different on everyone, letting you achieve a look that’s all your own.

If that doesn’t put a little pep in your step, I don’t know what will.

Baby Face

Having decided to take a few days off from my “real” job, I’ve spent the last day or two experimenting with different products and giving myself some much-needed R & R. As part of this I paid special attention to my face yesterday, and I wanted to share with you the combination of products that made my skin smooth as a baby’s… face?

I decided it was time for a face mask. My skin was becoming rather lacklustre, blotchy, and I noticed a few blackheads hiding by my nose and chin. Naturally, Queen Helene would be my mask of choice. But I decided to start off with a facial scrub, something I don’t normally do because my skin can be quite sensitive.

“Don’t be a baby,” I told my skin as I slathered on a dollop of Clinique 7-Day Scrub Cream. It has tiny exfoliators in it that scrub the face but not in a painful way. I let it sit for a minute, massaged my skin a little more, and then rinsed it off with warm water and a washcloth. I immediately followed up with Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.

Once dry, I again rinsed my face with warm water and a washcloth, and ended with a generous layer of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.

About 10 minutes after completing this process I became aware of how great my skin felt. It felt very moisturized, but not greasy, and when I touched my cheek it was softer than I could ever remember it being. I got up and ran to the mirror, and my skin was positively glowing. Glowing not with the fire of rosacea, but with the dew of health.


Another product I’ve been testing recently is Dior Hydra-Protect Eye Cream, which has an SPF of 20. I’ve decided recently that it’s time for me to find a good eye cream. (This decision may or may not have anything to do with the fact that last week a coworker told me that I had huge bags under my eyes – after a full 8-hour night of sleep.) So far, I have yet to see any markable difference in the appearance of my eye area, but I can say that it feels amazing when I put it on. Kind of like an instant hug for my eye area. I plan to continue using the cream; I’ll keep you posted on those huge bags.