Winter. Whether you’re a snow-loving, outdoor sports-playing fan of the season or more of the I’d-rather-hibernate-until-spring type, we can all agree that this time of year comes with its own special set of beauty problems. Take, for example, your skin. The combination of icy outdoor temps and dry indoor heat can leave your skin parched, chapped, flaky and red. Your cuticles crack. Your face gets patchy and dry. Not only is the look less than desirable, it feels awful.

Now, most of ladies are well-versed in the seasonal skincare switch-up. We know that when the days get shorter, our night creams get thicker and the frequency with which we apply hand lotion is greatly increased. But the men in our lives are not always so eager to change up their routines, assuming they have one in the first place. Sadly, I know a lot of guys who think that anything more than a basic shave-shower-shampoo routine is unmanly. As a result, they suffer the winter months with dry, cracked, itchy hands and faces. It can’t feel good. But I have good news: there’s an easy solution.
A couple months ago I picked up a bottle of Lubriderm Men’s 3-in-1 Lotion for my fiancé to try. I was intrigued by its claim to be suitable as a body, face and post-shave lotion, and encouraged him to give it a try. It sat on the bathroom counter for a while, but eventually he started using it. At first he smoothed some on after shaving. We both were surprised at how smooth his face felt, and for how long – a good 24 hours later his skin was still silky smooth. Then he started using it on his hands whenever they felt particularly dry. It absorbed quickly and instantly cured the dry skin. With regular use, the cracked cuticles and dried up hangnails disappeared. This lotion isn’t the least bit greasy, and it has a light, masculine fragrance that is unbelievably sexy. My man says it’s the best lotion he’s ever used.

So, to all the men who are reading this, please don’t be afraid to take care of your skin. More and more companies are creating products formulated especially for you, and this Lubriderm lotion is an excellent example. And ladies, if your man is sporting a flaky face and chapped hands this winter, buy him a bottle of this multi-tasking wonder. You’ll love how soft his skin feels – and how good he smells – I promise.