Sure, we all love our products, but our looks would never be complete without our favorite tools of the trade. Here’s a look at the tools I can’t live – or at least look pretty – without:

Tweezerman Tweezers: When life throws you an errant hair, grab a set of Tweezerman tweezers and get the job done. They make tweezing as quick and painless as possible.

Amika Mini Dryer: This travel-friendly hair dryer is super lightweight and makes it easy to blow dry my hair without feeling like my arm will fall off. Plus, I noticed bouncier hair and a shorter dry time when I switched to this dryer.

Eco Tools Powder Brush: I was pleasantly surprised when I purchased the brush at my local drugstore; For less than $10 I found my favorite makeup brush ever! I love everything about it, from its light wooden handle to its soft fluffy brush, and it’s perfect for applying finishing powder, blush, bronzer…

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler: I am a firm believer in eyelash curling, and this curler is the best of the best. It’ll open up your eyes, add a gentle curl (not a bend) to your lashes, and feels comfortable in the hand, too.

Tweezerman Cuticle Trimmer: I never thought much about trimming my cuticles until I received a Tweezerman trimmer in a gift box. It’s outstanding! It efficiently and painlessly removes cuticles and brings my at-home manicures to the next level.


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