Winter Beauty Problems, Solved

Winter is in full swing in my little town, along with all the unpleasant effects of the season: a touch of seasonal depression, a general lack of motivation, and a bevy of beauty problems that make those first two obstacles seem even harder to overcome. Never fear, my dears! Warmer, sunnier days are right around the corner, and I’ve found a handful of products that are sure to solve your winter woes and keep you looking lovely until spring.
Winter Beauty Essentials
Problem: Dry, flaky scalp and lackluster hair
Solution: Herbal Essences Tea-Lightfully Clean Refreshing Shampoo
I’ve been plagued with a dry, flaky scalp every winter for as long as I can remember. I am blown away by how effective this shampoo is. It contains tea tree oil, which is a great purifier and cleanser. My scalp situation was improved after one use, and after three I was virtually flake free! Better yet, this shampoo smells divine and leaves my hair looking full, soft and healthy. This is definitely my new favorite shampoo.

Problem: Dry, red, irritated skin
Solution: Clinique Liquid Face Soap Extra-Mild
I generally shy away from using anything that calls itself “soap” on my face, but I was compelled to try this one after my sister started using it – and stopped having blotchy winter skin. This time of year my skin tends to get dry and irritated, particularly around my cheeks. This incredibly mild cleanser has stopped all that, while still managing to keep oil at bay.

Problem: Chapped lips
Solution: Candy Cane ChapStick
I’ve been using this since November, and it has been serving me well the whole time. In addition to its festive, not-too-pepperminty candy cane scent, I find it less waxy than the ChapSticks of old. It soothes chapped lips without irritating them and is a great defense against the elements to help prevent chapped lips before they start! It’s clear, but leaves my lips looking healthy and pink when worn alone. It also makes a great primer under lipstick.

Problem: The winter itchies
Solution: Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair
I wrote about this lotion in the fall after I received it from Influenster for testing purposes. I have to say, I’m still loving it as my go-to winter body lotion. Non-greasy and fragrance free, it provides deep moisture and has kept my skin comfortable for the past couple of months. You can read more about my testing experience here.