Face Saver

Summer is officially here, and in my neck of the woods that means heat and a lot of humidity. While my inner beach bunny loves the hot summer weather, my office-working self does not appreciate what it does to my appearance. Don’t even get me started on what this weather does to my hair. But even more troubling is what it does to my face. Not only is it plagued with a decidedly non-dewy shine, but my face seems to grow more and more red as the temperature climbs. I’m forced to present my otherwise put-together self to the world looking like a shiny, oily tomato. Not ideal.

Fortunately I recently received a travel-sized jar of bareMinerals Mineral Veil. I must confess I’ve known about this finishing powder for years but have been resisting the hype – I’ve tried mineral makeup in the past and have not been impressed. But this cute little jar came with an even cuter little Flawless Face brush, and the duo won me over. Also, my go-to finishing powder (Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Powder) has been making me look a little chalky lately. I decided to give the veil a try.

I’m so glad that I did! The translucent powder completely disappears on my face, so I’m not left looking powdery. That cute little brush perfectly applies the miracle working Mineral Veil. A light dusting erases shine and continues to absorb oil throughout the day, and if my bright red tomato face can’t be completely undone, it can be greatly improved – the Mineral Veil transformed my general look from tomato to rosy glow, while also hiding pores and giving me an almost airbrushed appearance.

In this heat, I’m not asking for more than that. Almost airbrushed? I’ll take it!