Ladies, I’ve done it. I found the perfect hand cream. It smells great, it’s thick and super moisturizing, and it doesn’t leave my hands greasy. My boyfriend even commented on how soft my hands were when I tried it. Eureka!

It happened last week, while on a birthday shopping trip with one of my girlfriends. We wandered into Bath & Body Works together, and I remembered that another friend (and loyal reader) had suggested I try Bath & Body Works Lay it on Thick to soothe my dry skin woes. I was drawn to a display of trial sized lotions, and decided to try a few.

Lay it on Thick was very moisturizing, with a neutral scent, but took a little longer to absorb than I expected. However, the tube of Shea Cashmere Hand Cream that I picked up proved to be  perfect.

It has a sweet scent that reminds me of hot chocolate, and the aroma lingers all day. The cream is rich and absorbs quickly, and leaves skin feeling uber soft and silky.

Simply perfect.

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