Catch the Wave

My quest for perfect skin led me recently to purchase a variety of skin care products from When my package arrived, I opened it with glee, carefully unwrapping each bottle and inspecting its beauty claims. Over the past two weeks I’ve been testing several of the products. So far, one is a clear winner.

I was skeptical at first about the Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave. It came out around the same time several other strange new vibrating products came out (Mascara? Razors? Why?). I laughed the whole situation off as companies marketing potential sex toys to teenagers who are too embarrassed to by the real thing. And honestly, if you watch a Neutrogena Wave commercial with the idea that the miracle item is a vibrator and not a skin cleansing implement, you will understand where I’m coming from.

But I digress. While doing some beauty reading a few weeks ago, I came across an article in Elle that talked about how the vibrating action of the Wave has been shown to help clean pores more deeply and stimulate cells in a way that leads to younger looker skin. I was intrigued. So I added a Wave to my online shopping cart and had it shipped my way.

I was a little afraid the vibration would be too strong and would irritate my skin. Honestly, I had visions of buffing my face with little circles of sandpaper. Happily, the cleansing pads that you stick to the end of the wave are soft and contain a gentle, mildly scented cleanser. You run the pad under some warm water, turn the Wave on, and then massage your face with the thing. It’s easy to use, and lathers up only a little, so no need to worry about soap-bubble beards or cleanser in the eye. After you’re done, just rinse your face with warm water. I’ve been following it up with another one of my new skin care products – Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion.

The first morning after using the Wave, I have to say I noticed that my skin had a nice glow. After two or three uses, the stubborn blemish on my cheek that I’ve been trying to erase for months was markedly faded. Not only am I no longer making fun of the Neutrogena Wave, but I’m recommending it to friends.

So hats off to you, Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave. Sorry I called you a sex toy.

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