Eat Pretty

Lately I’ve been on a mission to live a little healthier – I’ve been making an effort to drag my lazy butt off the couch and get some excercise, and I’ve also been trying to change my eating habits. I’ve given up butter, I’ve switched to fat-free yogurt, and my daily fruit and vegetable count is slowly but surely increasing.

All of this healthy eating got me thinking, how can I change my diet to gain clearer skin and shinier hair in addition to lower cholesterol and a smaller pant size? So I did a little research, and found some especially helpful articles on WebMD. In the lists of foods that are said to improve hair and skin, there are a few that overlap. Here, the foods to choose if you want to eat pretty:

Low-fat dairy

Whole grains




In addition, those who want to focus on their skin should reach for berries and green tea, while those who are concerned about their hair should choose dark green vegetables like spinach or brocolli, and protein-rich eggs.

Some of my favorite eat-pretty choices? Stonyfield Farm Fat Free Yogurt, Yoplait Light Yogurt, and Olivia’s Organics Baby Spinach Salad.

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