Don’t Be a Flake

This time of year, I sometimes get a bit flaky. Not in the ditzy, forgot-to-pick-someone-up-from-the-airport kind of way, but in the my-scalp-is-dry-and-itchy kind of way. The constant switching from subzero outdoor conditions to super-dry indoor heat takes its toll, and by mid-winter I inevitably end up with a few flakes on my head.

This being the case, I was intrigued when I received a sample of Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Intense Clean Shampoo, part of the brand’s new anti-dandruff line. The shampoo contains tiny micro-beads that help to really scrub the scalp, and it has a fresh, upbeat scent that just might help me make it through my winter blues.

Anyway, I tried the shampoo, and while it doesn’t lather up as nicely as some of my others do, it did give my hair a long-lasting clean feeling, and made a noticeable difference in scalp dryness.  An added bonus? Those micro-beads help scrub away product buildup too, so if you use hair products on a regular basis, I’d recommend using this shampoo on a weekly basis as a clarifying shampoo.

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