Add a ‘Tude

Most days, I want my hair to look smooth and shiny, each soft strand perfectly in place. There are days, though, that I want to rough it up a bit. I still want my hair to look nice, and clean, and pretty, but I also want to look a little sassy. I want some attitude.

Happily, I’ve found the perfect product to help me achieve that desired level of imperfection. Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme is the product to use if you want to add some texture and ‘tude to your hair. It’s especially good for girls with thin or fine hair, as it helps create the appearance of thicker, fuller strands. I recently used it on my sister to help her create an adorable – and sassy – short-hair style. And for my thick-but-fine strands, it serves as a great root-lifter.

A full-sized bottle of the styling creme is kinda pricey – $24 – but the trial size is just $8 (at Sephora) and will last for a surprising amount of time. As with most hair styling products, I find that a little dab is all it takes to see results.

So try it. Let your attitude go to your head.

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