Brand Crush: Jouer

Nothing does wonders for a girl’s looks like a new romance. That telltale glowing complexion, those twinkling eyes, and the perpetually pouty lips that come from frequent kissing. Ah yes, new love is a great beautifier.

My latest love is no exception. I’ve recently fallen for Jouer, a cosmetic line whose products make me luminous. Everything about the products, from their soft, clean packaging to their ultra-smooth texture, is just delightful.

I’ve tried a variety of Jouer lipglosses. I’m obsessed with the Lip Enhancer, both tinted and untinted. The Lip Enhancer is formulated to decrease lip lines and it miraculously plumps lips without the burning sensation that so many other lip plumpers are known for. The untinted variety transforms lips into a full, soft pink pout, while the tinted has the smoothest texture and is, in my opinion, the best kissing gloss there is. Like the untinted formula, it plumps the lips, and it has a silky smooth feel that begs for a makeout session. If my boyfriend were to vote, I’m sure he’d pick this one, too – it’s no coincidence that this has become my new favorite gloss.

In addition to great glosses, Jouer has great pencils. I’m particularly fond of the Eye Clarifier, a beige eye pencil that glides on sans friction and immediately brightens tired eyes. I never leave home without swiping some on – it’s my new go-to eye pencil. Plus, it even comes with a matching beige sharpener.

How could I not love that?

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