Hands’ Best Friend

I have long aspired to be the kind of lady that never bites her nails or chews nervously at her cuticles, whose perfectly filed and polished manicure is perpetually chip-free and shiny.


This kind of lady I am not.
Happily, though, I’ve recently discovered (and become OBSESSED with) a new nail product that hides all my nasty nail habits and makes my hands look so pretty that I no longer WANT to gnaw on them.
By Terry Nail Laque Terrybly Nail Glow Brightener in Sheer Bubble Glow (100) is the greatest thing to happen to my nails since Rite Aid started carrying Essie polishes. It is a nail primer that strengthens as it polishes and is meant to make nails look brighter and well-groomed in one application. I have to tell you, I was skeptical – yet hopeful – when I first opened that chic little bottle and glazed my nails with the stuff, but boy oh boy did it impress!
The sheer white polish dries very quickly, leaving nails slightly lighter in hue, noticeably stronger and perfectly glossy. My first coat lasted 5 or 6 days without even a hint of a chip, and once it did start chipping I easily removed it all with polish remover and swiped on a fresh coat; I can’t get enough of this perfect-nails look!
BONUS: Want to truly take your digits to the next level? Start using the Nail Glow with the ultimate cuticle savior, Sephora Stimulating Lavender Cuticle Oil. This pen-brush delivers a neat dose of super softening cuticle oil – I noticed a vast difference in the appearance of my cuticles after one use, and after a few my dry, cracked winter cuticles were cured. Sephora offers the cuticle oil pen in other scents, but I can’t get enough of the mild lavender scent!

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