Beauty Quickie: 3 Minute Facial

Who: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare
What: Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel
When: Every Saturday night
Where: My bed
Why: This fast-acting, two-step at-home peel will completely change your skin, in a matter of minutes. Unlike other at-home peels, where you’re left peering at yourself in the mirror, trying to identify microscopic improvements to your complexion, there’s no mistaking what this one will do for you. I use it once a week, and am left with the softest, smoothest skin and a natural glow that lasts for days – I often actually leave the house on Sunday mornings without a stitch of makeup – and get complimented on my skin. The Alpha Beta peel is safe for sensitive skin, minimizes pores, smooths wrinkles, calms redness and evens skin tone. Basically, it does everything we want a skincare product to do – in three minutes. I follow it up with a generous layer of Philosophy Miracle Worker moisturizer. My skin has never looked better.

2 thoughts on “Beauty Quickie: 3 Minute Facial

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