Beauty Quickie: Fresh Hair

Who: John Frieda
What: Root Awakening Lift + Refresh Root Spray
When: I don’t have the time (or inclination) to heat style my hair
Where: My bathroom; on vacation; wherever I left my comb
Why: Sometimes, it’s just too hot, or I’m just too busy, or, let’s be honest here, I simply don’t feel like taking the time to blow dry and style my hair. In the peak of summer it’s often advised that we product junkies throw in the metaphorical towel on trying to beat our hair into submission and instead embrace a more natural and laid-back approach to beauty. We’ve all read the articles, each insisting that it is perfectly acceptable to run out of the house with little more than a smear of sunblock and a swipe of lip balm. I’ve never quite been able to achieve that level of minimalism, but I do like to tone it down a bit when the ever-rising temperatures render even the slightest attempt to look “put together” completely futile. And now, thanks to this delightfully refreshing root spray, I may be able to tone it down and look put together, even in 90% humidity. I simply aim a few spritzes of the cooling mist right at my roots, scrunch them up a bit, and then comb what’s left through the rest of my hair. The result? Air-dried hair that has lasting lift and fewer fly-aways.

2 thoughts on “Beauty Quickie: Fresh Hair

  1. Where did you get this product? I cannot find it anywhere except the John Frieda website (where it is of course not for sale). doesn’t even seem to have it. Ever since I read this post I have desperately wanted to get it, but can’t find it! Help a sister out!

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