Beauty Quickie: Skin Saver

Who: Bath & Body Works
What: Creamy Body Wash
When: Around the time that days get shorter and temps get frosty
Where: In the shower
Why: I’m a big fan of any product that makes my life easier, and this foamy body wash does just that. The thick cream wash lathers luxuriously to gently clean your body from neck to toe. It leaves skin fresh, lightly scented, and much softer than the average body wash or bar of soap. So much softer, in fact, that you can get away with skipping your post-shower slathering of lotion. Of course you don’t have to skip it, and in the dead of winter your skin will thank you for giving it a one-two punch of moisture. This skin saver comes in a wide array of scents to suit your every mood; my favorites are Cherry Blossom and Coconut Lime Breeze.

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