What’s Your 2013 Beauty Resolution?

Happy New Year lovelies! I hope you all had fun-filled holidays and that your new year is off to a beautiful start. If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling motivated and excited to take on 2013 with a renewed lust for life and a drive for perfection. Yes, every January I find myself pledging to do and be better in just about every aspect of life, and this year is no different. And when I sit down to make my yearly resolutions, I inevitably include some beauty resolutions. I mean, what kind of beauty blogger would I be if I didn’t appreciate the importance of improving the tone and texture of my skin alongside the balance of my savings account?

Before I share my 2013 beauty resolutions with you, I want to know what beauty concerns YOU are hoping to address this year. Take a moment to participate in this poll (a For the Love of Gloss first!) and tell me what you’re resolving. Next week, in addition to telling you about my resolutions and how I plan to keep them, I’ll share tips on achieving your most popular beauty resolution goals. Let’s have a gorgeous new year – together!

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