Beauty Quickie: Cool It

Who: Boscia
What: Super Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm
When: In the morning, at night, various other times throughout the day
Where: In my bed, bathroom, living room, car…
Why: This little cutie (it comes in an adorable little blue tube) has become my best friend and greatest beauty obsession; one day I threw an all-out tantrum and sent out a search party when I momentarily misplaced my little buddy. The name says it all: the smooth balm delivers an icy cool sensation as it glides around the eye area, almost instantly de-puffing while also brightening dark circles and invigorating your senses. With regular use it is making a noticeable difference in my dark circles, but I really love its fast-acting formula. You can see a dramatic decrease in puffiness and darkness almost immediately. And it feels so good – the refreshing cooling sensation is a little addictive. The best part? You can take it with you and smooth some on throughout the day whenever you feel you (or your eyes) need a pick-me-up; it won’t mess up your makeup and it’ll wake you up, all while brightening your eyes.

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