Soft Summer Skin

Summer is a tricky time for beauty in general; climate changes mean we must change our whole beauty routine, from hair to face to body. When it’s hot and humid outside we may feel tempted to skip out on lotions and moisturizers, but doing so is a mistake – using the proper products helps regulate our skin’s moisture and oil production, preventing dry skin or body acne (or worse – both!).

One of the worst parts of applying body lotion on a humid summer day is the slick, sticky way it can sit on top of your skin. The trick is to find a lightweight, fast-absorbing lotion that softens skin without feeling slimy, so that you can get dressed and go about your day without feeling like you need another shower.

My pick for soft summer skin is Caldrea Body Lotion in Coconut Fig Leaf. It has a mild, almost spicy scent that isn’t the least bit overpowering, and leaves skin unbelievably soft without a hint of grease. It also absorbs faster than any other lotion I have ever tried. It truly is the perfect summertime lotion. Plus, its sleek, pretty pump bottle will look great on your vanity. Gotta love that.

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