Brand Crush: Maybelline

The secrets to pouty lips and perfect skin.

The secrets to pouty lips and perfect skin.

I’ve loved this brand for so long that I was actually surprised to look back and find that I hadn’t already confessed my undying loyalty. As far as drugstore brands go, I’ve never found a prettier or more dependable one. This brand always seems to give me just what I want and need. My experience with Maybelline is probably more of a long-term relationship than a crush, but I’m definitely crushing on a few new products that have quickly become trusted favorites.

Regular For the Love of Gloss readers already know how I feel about Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream; it won my extensive BB cream sampling showdown. And if you are unfamiliar with Baby Lips, do yourself a favor and go buy a handful at your local drugstore. I still can’t get enough.

Which is why I was delighted when Maybelline launched the “Dr Rescue” line of medicated Baby Lips. Its soothing menthol tingle feels great on dry or chapped lips, and it allows you to add some subtle shine and a hint of color to your lips without drawing attention to dry skin with a bunch of heavy pigment. I have “Pink Me Up,” a lovely medium pink.

My favorite new development? Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation. It comes in an easy-to-apply stick, and features an anti-shine core that keeps skin matte throughout the day. Not only that, it actually comes in a shade that matches my fair skin! I find that a few swipes on my nose, chin and any other shiny bits keeps my skin flawless all day long. A word of advice: I do find that this foundation can be a little drying, so I’d recommend using a slightly heavier moisturizer with it.

Some new treasures from Maybelline.

Some new treasures from Maybelline.

If all that lip-smoothing, face-perfecting goodness isn’t reason enough for you to commit, I highly recommend that you try Maybelline’s Clean Express! Makeup Remover Facial Towelettes. They eradicate all traces of makeup from my face, do not irritate my sensitive skin or eyes at all, and leave my skin feeling lovely and refreshed.

What Maybelline products are you crushing on?

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