Pores? What Pores?

This new gem from Biore eradicates clogged pores in one use!

This new gem from Biore eradicates clogged pores in one use!

While preparing to do my nightly skincare routine last weekend, I noticed that my pores looked really… gross. I normally pay very little attention to my pores; they rarely require any. But for some reason, my nose had become speckled with unsightly black dots that just would not do.

Remembering a sample of Biore’s new Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, I quickly set about washing my face with the black gel. I was instantly struck with its fresh scent and tingly feeling. It lathered up white, rinsed away easily, and left my pores invisible! I couldn’t really believe how effective the cleanser was with just one use. The next morning I awoke to discover that a lingering blemish on my chin had all but disappeared. This one, my friends, is a keeper!

2 thoughts on “Pores? What Pores?

  1. Nice! I remember seeing ads for this in Cosmo, was intrigued but my fiance said it looked sketchy! I’m definitely going to get it now and laugh in his face when it actually works

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