Help Me Decide: Did I Break the Rules of the Shopping Ban?

Maybelline Baby LipsLast weekend I stopped into my favorite drugstore to pick up a fresh tube of Maybelline BB Cream, since I had just run out. When I got to the Maybelline display, I noticed that the store was offering a rewards deal: spend $10 on Maybelline products, get $5 back. Since I was already spending more than $8 on the BB cream, I glanced around the shelves and spotted the tube of Baby Lips pictured here. Ringing it at around $4, it brought me over the $10 mark, and the $5 I got back more than covered the cost. My sister was with me, and she said that because freebies are allowed during the shopping ban, and this product was technically free, that I am obeying the rules. My husband thinks I cheated. So, I want my readers to help me decide. Cast your vote below – whatever you decide, I’ll do!

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