For the Love of Gloss

With a passion for writing and a lifelong interest in all things beauty related, I decided to somewhat indulge my beauty editor fantasy and start blogging about beauty. Why not?

As a little girl my best friend and I spent hours studying our mothers’ fashion magazines, trying to replicate the looks of Niki Taylor and Christie Brinkley. I would spend my allowance on 99 cent lipsticks and gladly inherited the last remnants of my grandmother’s eyeliner. Teeny cosmetic samples from the Avon lady were a rare treasure. I found that painted nails and glossy lips made me feel older, cooler, more confident, and I was obsessed with learning everything I could about the world of beauty. The result of this obsession? I may never have looked like Niki Taylor, but by the time I entered my teens  I could pick out a suitable foundation and knew how to apply blush without looking like a clown.

Over the years my affection for beauty has grown, right along with my collection of products and my stash of secrets and knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. Thus the point of this blog is twofold; it gives me a place to talk about which products work and which ones don’t, while also allowing me to share beauty-related news and tips.

And maybe, just maybe, I can help make the world a little glossier.

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Gloss

  1. I love everything about this. Maybe someday I’ll find something to help with my eternal quest for a hair product that makes my curls look like Evangeline Lilly’s. Until then, I will read each and every week!

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