Oh, Baby!

Sorry my posts have been fewer and farther between lately, life has been a little crazy and my mind has been, as it sometimes is, on other things. But I thought I’d write a short little post on some of my secret favorite beauty buys: baby products.

Yes, I’m that girl who often chooses the baby powder scented deodorant. But there are a couple of baby-specific products that you might want to steal out of the nearest diaper bag.

My first choice is baby oil. It’s an excellent skin softener. Pour some into a bath, or slather it on your body afterwards for, well, baby smooth skin. Also, if you are showing off your legs and want to make them look absolutely smokin’ hot, massage some baby oil on them before you go out. They’ll be silky soft and have an amazing sheen that looks gorgeous. You can ante up for the pricey leg shines out there, or swipe on some baby oil. The choice should be obvious.

My second baby pick is baby wipes. They are an absolute summer must have. Want to freshen up on a hot summer day but don’t have time for a shower? A few quick swipes with a baby wipe and you’ll feel fresh and clean.

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