Beach Beauty

As we head into Independence Day weekend, I know many of us  are planning on hitting the beach, or lounging by the pool, or taking a dip in the lake… in other words, we all want to spend the weekend basking in the sun and playing in the surf.

I, for one, am lake-bound, off to a favorite family spot to celebrate the 4th and my brother’s birthday. And, just as I do every year, I will be toting some of my favorite beach beauty products:

1. Burt’s Bees – My favorite lip balm of all time is also my favorite beach balm, as it moisturizes dry lips better than anything else and its minty flavor helps keep me cool.

2. Sunscreen – I don’t really have a brand preference, but I use at least SPF 15 on my body and SPF 45 on my face – no need to add any unnecessary age spots or wrinkles!!

3. Lemon Lights – Summer after summer I get complimented on my amazing natural highlights. Little do those envious gals know that mother nature has a little help highlighting my hair. I swear by John Frieda Beach Blonde Lemon Lights highlighting gel.  If, like me, you combed lemon juice through your hair every summer as a kid, you will love this lemon-scented wonder. It’s the same idea as lemon juice. You apply the gel on whichever strands you hope to highlight, and then hang out and let the sun do its thing.  You end up with highlights that technically are natural, since you’re not dying them and they come from being outside, but it happens a lot faster this way – and you get a little say over where those highlights are. And even though this product is marketed towards blondes, my very brunette hair loves it!

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