Lavender Up

I love lavender – I have long considered it my signature scent. Sure, I occasionally stray from it, trying various perfumes and body lotions that do not contain that soothing floral, but I always return to it and always feel most myself when I’m wearing some sort of lavender – and I’m not alone. I’ve recently discovered that some of my coworkers love lavender as well. Inspired by our mutual lavender adoration, I’m spreading the word on some great products and sharing the lavender love.

The girls in my office are obssessed with Glendarragh Lavender ( This Maine-based lavender company makes a variety of home and beauty products that any lavender junkie would desire. One of my coworkers can’t stop applying the Omni Herb Balm to her cuticles – it helps heal dry skin and calms her on particularly stressful days. Another one likes to spritz a lavender room spray to brighten spirits and give her office a lovely, subtle scent.

Recently I’ve been slathering J.R. Watkins Natural Apothecary Hand & Body Lotion in Lavender all over each morning before work. I bought it for less than $10 at my local Rite Aid, and it comes in a medicinal-looking purple and white bottle, which I love. It’s very moisturizing and, naturally, has that pure lavender scent that I adore.

The most recent addition to my lavender aresenal is Secret Scent Expressions antiperspirant and deoderant in “ooh-la-la lavender.” Unlike the lotion and cuticle balm, this product doesn’t smell like pure lavender oil, but it does have a lovely lavender-ish scent that lasts all day and keeps my underarms dry. Secret makes a matching body splash that I’m thinking of trying as well.

I still haven’t found the perfect lavender body spray or perfume – if anyone knows of a great one, please let me know. After all, it is my signature scent.

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