The Bronze Age

Nothing says summer quite like stripping your makeup routine of all the non-essentials and leaving the house with little more than a slather of sunscreen and a dusting of bronzer. Being fair-skinned and not overly fond of brown, I have a hard time finding bronzers that I like that don’t make me look as though I’ve been playing in the mud. This year, though, I’ve found a wonderfully easy to wear bronzer that has a little metallic shimmer and a lot of sun-in-a-compact appeal that has brightened my complexion on many a tired occasion.

As far as I’m concerned, Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten is the only thing a girl needs to look summery and fresh. I have it Honey Dipped, which is made up of  swirls of golden caramel shades. It goes on sheer, so I’m never left with streaks of war paint, but it lasts all day and is perfect for defining cheekbones and faking a sunny glow.

If only looking sun-kissed and effortlessly beautiful were this easy all year long!

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