Smooth Operators

I’ve been happily writing For the Love of Gloss for three years now, and to celebrate this milestone, I thought I’d revisit a topic I wrote about that first summer: armpits. Let’s Talk About Armpits was one of the most popular posts in this blog’s history, and for good reason. By their very nature, armpits are not very attractive body parts, yet as women we strive – and are expected – to make them beautiful. I am very happy to report that, three years later, I’ve discovered some highly effective new weapons in the never-ending war on underarms.

First of all, I have to sing the praises of the new Schick Hydro Silk razor. Featuring five blades and a water-activated moisturizing serum, this razor gave me the smoothest and most delightful shave of my entire life! I generally think that more than three blades on a razor is unnecessary. Until now, I’ve never been proven wrong. But this razor gave me the closest, smoothest, longest lasting shave I have ever experienced. And I don’t know if it was the moisturizing serum or the razor’s unique design, but the blades felt so smooth that the first time I used it I actually had to double check to make sure I had removed the blade cover! It doesn’t feel like a razor. It feels amazing. Armpits, legs or bikini line, this is the best tool for the job. Period.

Getting a close shave is key when one is aiming for attractive armpits, but even smooth and hairless underarms can have an unappealing dark tinge that makes them look dirty and not at all pretty. Many antiperspirants and deodorants claim to improve our armpits in one way or another, but I’ve recently started using one that actually does.

Dove Clinical Protection Clear Tone antiperspirant and deodorant claims to help restore skin to its natural skin tone. Amazingly, it actually works! Not only has my underarm skin tone vastly improved – we’re talking a complete reversal of the above-mentioned dark tinge – but it has happened after only a handful of inconsistent applications. To be honest, I’m not in love with scent of the deodorant. It isn’t bad, but I have others that I prefer for daily use. As a result, I only use the Clear Tone a couple of times per week, usually after an evening shower. Apparently, a couple of applications per week will do the trick. My armpits have never looked better.

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