Jasmine Princess

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I’ve stumbled upon a couple of products over the past month that work so well, look so lovely and make me feel – and smell – so good that I’m turning into a full-on pampered princess. Turns out, they share a secret ingredient: Jasmine. Naturally, I thought I’d share them here so that you, too, can be a Jasmine Princess. Just try not to let all that prettiness go to your head.

Oscar Blandi Balsamo di Jasmine Smoothing Conditioner: This ultra-nourishing conditioner has completely changed my hair, in the best way possible. While it is formulated to control frizz – and it really does – I have found that since using it, my hair has become noticeably stronger. As in, I’m no longer losing handfuls of hair every time I wash it. Also, it leaves strands perfectly detangled, so that my comb glides through my hair after showering, even without the assistance of a styling cream. Best of all, it packs an exotic, intoxicating Jasmine scent that lingers for days. Plus, its regal white and gold packaging looks ultra chic on my shower shelf. The only downside? My hair is so ridiculously soft after using this stuff, I can’t stop playing with it! It’s kind of a problem.

Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine: I’ve long been a fan of Korres products. All of their packaging is so lovely, simple, and impossibly chic, I feel like I’m vacationing in a luxurious spa whenever I use one of their products. I’ve used Korres lip butter before, and it has a rich, silky texture that moisturizes lips so well, it makes them look youthful and plump. It’s long lasting and gives a nice, subtle shine. Jasmine does all of these things, all while delivering the softest, most flattering pale nude pink shade you’ll ever wear on your lips. Unlike most other pale nude shades, it doesn’t wash me out. It just makes me look extra polished and pretty. Truly, this is a balm a princess can rely on.

3 thoughts on “Jasmine Princess

    • The lip butter is definitely available at Sephora, but I don’t believe they carry Oscar Blandi. I purchased mine through birchbox.com. It smells amazing!

  1. I am such a HUGE Jasmine fan. LIke, if a product says “Jasmine XYZ” I’ll likely buy it. Sadly, I was not a fan of the Oscar Blandi Jasmine Conditioner. Just didn’t “do it” for me. OMG, but if you LOVE Jasmine, you need to check out Sabon NY’s Delicate Jasmine scent. I recently wrote a post about it, or as my friend and I call it “crack”. http://wp.me/pdZEs-pz

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